Our Hotels

Each Day Is An Exciting New Adventure

The tropical hotels and resorts of Charles Group Hotels are located in Miami Beach and South Beach, which many consider to be the "North American Riviera". Charles Group Hotels offers locations that beckon you to celebrate life, our amazing natural Florida beauty and the history that surrounds it.

It is a destination that invites you for a long weekend, a dream honeymoon, a romantic getaway or a family vacation in some of the most exemplary Miami hotel and resort locations... where the unique of laid back Caribbean pace meets the tempo of Latin rhythm mixed with a little South Florida drawl. With white sandy beaches, a cool aquamarine ocean, colorful Art Deco buildings accompanied by intriguing history, and a delectable cuisine that will entice all of your senses.

The Charles Group Hotels and resorts located on the pristine shores of Miami Beach and South Beach are a sun worshipper's playground, a child's wonderland, a couple's romantic paradise, a food lover's banquet. Every day and every night is an exciting adventure.


The sound of the breeze whispering through the palms... the glow of a full moon on the ocean... tanned skin glistening in the tropical sun... the laughter of children as they play on the beach... the sound of conversation and tinkling of glasses drifting in the warm evening air... the rhythm of the night stirring the soul. Imagine yourself here with Charles Group Hotels... in one of our Miami Beach or South Beach hotels and resorts.